Atomic FFG 7 Ski Bindings for Alpine twin skiboards snowblades Black Last pair


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Black / FFG 7


Atomic FFG 7 Ski Bindings This binding is a lightweight binding with a Din Range of 2-7.5 (skiers 48-174 lbs) and 80 and 90mm brakes for some of those fatter kids twin tips. These are great for those junior rippers, but only with boots that are 23.0 and bigger. They aren't just for juniors, lightweight adults can get down with these as well. Din 7 Bindings: Din range: 2-7 Skier weight range: 48-174lbs Only compatible with boots 23.0 and larger. Automatic Wing Adjustment: The toe of this binding automatically adjusts to the slightly different width among ski boots. This means it is one less adjustment to fuss with. Just step into the binding and go skiing. Composite Materials: The parts of the binding that need to be metal are made of steel, but the majority of the binding is a superdense, superlight plastic composite material. This gives the binding the ruggedness of a more metallic binding, without all the added weight.