Marker M 10.0 Free Ten Ski Bindings for Alpine twin white purple 85-100mm


$ 99.93 $ 150.00
SKU: marker-free-10.0


The Marker 10.0 EPS is a great binding for the skier that is looking for something simple and economical to keep them into their skis. The 10.0 EPS is designed for the beginner to mellow intermediate skier that does not require a very high amount of energy transmission to their skis. The 22mm Stand Height on the 10.0 EPS will give you extra leverage to tip your skis on edge, or push out a snowplow.

Ski Gear Intended Use All Mountain Category Downhill Max Din Setting 10
Actual Din Range 2-10 Recommended Weight Range 65-230 lbs. Binding Weight 3.19 lbs.
Skill Range Beginner-Intermediate  
Product ID 340798


  • Stainless Steel Gliding AFD
  • 22mm Stand Height W/O Ski
  • Compact Step In Heel