Rossignol Comp J Kids 25 L 67-80mm Ski Bindings Alpine twin skiboards snowblades youth


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Black white / Comp J


Rossignol Comp Kid 25 L Black/White 80mm Ski Binding Description The Comp Kid 25 L is an easy-to-use, lightweight junior binding with a .5-2.5 DIN range and 80mm brake. The Dual Action Jr toepiece combined with the lightweight Comp heel delivers more reliable release and an easy step-in design. The Comp Kid 25 L is designed to mount to junior skis up to 76mm Underfoot and works with junior boot soles only. Approximate Weight Range- 20-107 lbs.

DISCLAIMER: These charts are for information only. Always have your bindings checked and adjusted by a professional. DIN 0.5/2.5 Toe lateral elasticity 35 mm Glider ADAPTER Heel piece system 14 mm Toe piece DUAL ACTION JR Heel piece COMP J RTL Heel vertical elasticity 12 mm Brake COMP KID / maxmm Heel piece Adjustment COMP J RTL 60-80 mm

Adjustable Binding, it can adjust from a 221mm sole to a 261mm sole boot.