$ 99.99 USD

110cm Emsco Graffiti Kids Blem Plastic White Snowboard & Bindings package PST10


110cm Emsco Graffiti Kid Youth Beginner Plastic Snowboard & Bindings Package deal.

Note- bindings may be black or gray color

  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNER SNOWBOARDERS – This snowboard is appropriate for children ages 5 to 15. Beginners will find the ergonomic design helpful in their quest to learn this exciting snow sport. It is recommended to start on low slopes when beginning training.
  • SOLID, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made of a solid polyethylene construction, this kids’ snowboard showcases excellent workmanship. As snowboarding is an outdoor sport, various elements may affect the board, causing scratches, scathes, and wear and tear.
  • ADJUSTABLE BINDINGS – This snowboard has step-in bindings that are adjustable for children of all ages. It will lock into place after adjusting, so youngsters and tweens of different sizes can fit in without any worries.
  • COOL AND STYLISH GRAPHIC – The amazing surface of this board is embossed with a stylish design, giving it a cool flair. The design won’t alienate children and preteens like a plain, boring board, and will enhance kids’ interest in the sport.
  • TEACHES KIDS BASIC TECHNIQUES – The Supra Hero Snowboard can be used to practice easy moves and novice tricks. It’s user-friendly, so kids will be able to ride it without feeling any pressure.
  • Does not include metal edges; snowboard not recommended for ski resort use.
  • Note- Brand new board may have minor cosmetic flaws from being moved around warehouse. May have only 2 or 3 marker pens

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