130cm SLQ Rocker Slash, Camber Kids Snowboard, Build a Package with Boots and Bindings.


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SKU: WF145
130cm / New


130cm SLQ Rocker Slash, Camber Kids Snowboard.

The SLQ Rocker Slash Camber Snowboard is a great entry-level board for the little ripper who wants a board to call Their own. This board has a Camber profile which is great for learning on and is very forgiving. They will have a playful board that will help guide them as they progress to higher skill levels. They will start out on the easy slopes but the Black Rainbow Camber Snowboard will help build their confidence so that they can soon tackle the trails higher up on the mountain..                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Camber
  • Standard 4-Hole Pattern