144cm Stella Queen White Camber *Blem* Womens's Girl's Snowboard, or Build a Package with Boots and Bindings.


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140cm Stella Queen White Camber *Blem* Snowboard, Build a Package with Boots and Bindings.Brand New Board, Has Minor Cosmetic Flaws.

Stella Queen Snowboard is a great entry board to help you progress easier and ensure that you have a fun time on the slopes. It's made of durable wood that is lightweight and poppy while remaining very stable making it a great pick for helping you to grow with confidence and get the skills to really go from the greens to the blues. The camber profile on this board has great edge hold and response to help you learn how to carve. When you own instead of rent, you'll be able to get familiar with your own board which will aid in your progression plus less time in the rental house means more time on the mountain. Hop onto the soft flexing and forgiving Stella Queen Snowboard and up your skills and confidence so you can tackle the mountain.