154cm Artec Laura Hadar Pro Snowboard Deck Pink


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My board is really sweet. I like that it rides on the snow real good. When I get lonely I look at my board and know that she's always there for me. I like it when I see dudes riding my board. I gave a couple of my old ones to my bros. They love it. They like it when they see my name under their feet when they spin around and around. They say its like riding a hot babe who's down for anything. I say, "I know." - Laura Hadar Key Features of The Artec Laura Hadar Snowboard 154cm: Di Tec Sidewalls 4x2 Inserts Blunt Twin Tip Slim Profile Nor Tec Fiberglass Delta Tec Base Supra Tec Wood Core Length (cm): 154 Effective Edge (cm): 116.50 Tip/Tail Width (cm): 28.90 Waist Width (cm): 24.10 Sidecut (m): 7.2