$400 153cm 9010 Vortex Indy Yellow Rocker Snowboard New Blem Rare Last-1


$ 199.95 
SKU: cre41
153cm / Blem




Description:  Vortex Indy Snowboard

This  Vortex Indy Snowboard is both extremely durable and very versatile. Its Multi-axis fiberglass laminate helps provide precise control improves overall flexibility. Its solid wood core is able to withstand almost everything you can throw at it. It is also incredibly lightweight. Its sleek and stylish design will have you looking cool as you glide down the slopes with ease. This is simply one of the very best boards on the market. You will not be disappointed. Best of all, the price tag is very affordable!

Board may have minor cosmetic flaw, this flaw will not affect the performance of the board. Final sale, sold as is.