85cm Premier Prototype Wood Blemished Snowskate snow skate Rare " Last 1"


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Description: Premier Blank Prototype Snowskate

Note- This is not a mountable snowboard for bindings. This is a ride on snow skate with no need for bindings. Brand New snowskate will have cosmetic flaws and scratchs. 

Are you ready to take on the icy slopes of your favorite icy sidewalk this winter but still haven''t found that perfect snowskate yet? Then look no further than the Premier Madrid Snowskate skateboard from the Premier Snowskate Company. The Premier Madrid Snowskate board has a very unique design that''s sure to catch the eyes, and possibly envy, of all gear heads in the neighborhood. This board is ergonomically designed to ensure that you can perform all of those cool tricks to perfection. Why settle for anything else? The Premier Snowskate board is the perfect choice.

Key Features of the Premier Danger Girl Snowskate:
  • 7.5 in waist and 8 in tip and tail
  • Concave design for added stiffness with custom inset EVA foam top sheet
  • New 3 channel Jib Tech center channel for solid rail performance
  • Wood Core 7 ply construction