90 95 100cm Symbolic Chopper Kids Snowboard Deal


$ 119.93 $ 400.00
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90 95 100cm Symbolic X-Gam Chopper Rocker Kids Snowboard Deal Symbolic X-Gam Chopper Kids youth boys girls X Snowboard Boardsforless.com says...Featuring the legendary performance for kids youth boys girls adult smalls, versatility, and pop of its big sister, the Feelgood™ Smalls is a freestyle sensation designed with the help of rulers like team rider Arielle Gold. Whether slashing pow or thrashing the park, the Feelgood Smalls comes specially gift wrapped with pro-level performance that transforms the mountain into your personal playground. Whatever your style or skills, the Feelgood Smalls is all you need to make this the most memorable winter ever. Compair to freestyle chopper chicklet vapor ics ride gnu lib tech k2 forum roxy lamar ltd 5150 comes in sizes 88cm 89cm 90cm 91cm 92cm 95cm 100cm 105cm 110cm 115cm 120cm 118cm 123cm 125cm 127cm 130cm 131cm 132cm 135cm 139cm 140cm