M3 Solstice Snowboard Bindings XS-S White-Baby Blue fits 3-6 kids 4-7 womens


$ 74.96 $ 200.00
SKU: rdb28
White-Baby Blue / M3 / Kids 3-6- womens 4-7


Description: M3 Solstice Snowboard Bindings 

Get your little one out on the slopes, enjoying your passion with you, on the M3 Solstice Snowboard Bindings. These convenient bindings are just what your grom needs to start learning and feel confident. With easy ratchets and tool-less adjustments, kids will have no problem getting in and out all on their own. Get your little ripper on snow today!

Key Features of M3 Solstice Snowboard Bindings
  • Two Piece Construction
  • Fixed Heel Cup
  • A-Symmetrical
  • Injected
  • Tool-Less Forward Lean Adjustment
  • TPU Ankle/Toe Strap
  • 3D Textile
  • M3 TPR Logo
  • 4 Speed Adjustment Ratchet
  • Fixed Toe Ramp