DC Judge Womens Boa Bravo-Liner Snowboard Boots Size 5 Dark-Brown equals Kids-4-4.5

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Dark-Brown / Bravo-Liner / Boa


Boa The BOA lacing system allows for precise and effortless fit adjustments. The BOA evenly distributes pressure and allows for micro-adjustments to the lacing. It’s simple; push in the knob and twist clockwise to tighten, pull out the knob and push the tongue forward to loosen. Bravo Liner The bravo liner has DC’s patented inflatable Air Bladder and release valve. This technology allows the air bag to be inflated and deflated based on preference and the shape of the riders foot. This liner has been constructed of multi-density materials and features a support beam on the lateral and medial sides for improved structure and support. Finally our power strap has been added for liner tightening around the calf.