DC Dredge Boa Winter Boot White Digital Green Black Men's 9 Blem Rare Prototype


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Product description

Yeah, yeah, we know you love snowboarding. But we also know that you occasionally do other things, like walk or hike. The DC Men's Dredge Winter Boot has the technical features of a snowboard boot and the shape of a field boot. Whether you shovel your driveway or hike a slushy trail, the Dredge's water-resistant leather uppers keep your feet dry. Dig the Boa lacing on your DC snowboard boots? Well the Dredge Boots have it, too. This system replaces wet-lace tying with the simple turn of a dial. DC added a TPU harness to increase stability in the boot's upper and to prevent heel lift. This winter boot's heel airbag cushions for comfort, and the Outlast lining regulates the temperature of your foot. When the mercury dips below 32F, the outsole's CTR hardens into traction-enhancing spikes. The BOA evenly distributes pressure and allows for micro-adjustments to the lacing. It’s simple; push in the knob and twist clockwise to tighten, pull out the knob and push the tongue forward to loosen.

Product Features

  • Material: Water-resistant leather
  • Sole: DGT rubber with CTR technology
  • Lacing: Boa
  • Recommended Use: Winter and spring slush hiking, casual winter use
  • Note- shoes may have minor cosmetic flaws from being stored as a sample. Label marked sample.