DC Ghost Lace Snowboard Boots Mens Size 9 equals Womens 10.5 Espresso-Sand

DC Shoes

$ 89.98 $ 250.00
SKU: cx129
Espresso-Sand / Air-Liner / Lace


Air Liner The air liner is the most technically advanced liner we’ve made, and you wont find its features on any other companys liners. The air liner offers air and gel. The gel pad in the toe softens landing impact. The airliner also has our pateneted inflatable air bladder and air release valve, you can inflate and deflate the bladder in the liner to custom fit the unique shape of your foot. It has an adjustable belcro strap for closure. •Air Liner Features •Inflatable air bladder provide custom fit and ankle protection •Silicon gel pad in toe and tongue absorbs landing impact and provides maximum comfort •Lightweight polyethylene foam construction for weight reduction •Velcro strap closure for adjustable and custom fit •Tongue pull strap for easy installation