149cm Technine LM Pro Chucky Rocker Snowboard, Build a Package with Boots and Bindings


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Description: Technine Lucas Magoon Pro Snowboard

Lucas Magoon has an amazing talent for being light on his feet and his board control is unmatched by anyone out there. Gooner also rides with pure creative freedom and jibs everything in sight allowing nothing to hold him back. You never know what he is going to do next, all you can do is sit and watch in awe as he blows your mind. It''s Technine''s job to make sure Lucas has exactly the right board under his feet to match his skills. With the L.M. Pro, Technine has created the ultimate board for Lucas and tailored it to his every need so he can truly unleash the monster inside. The perfect shape and flex meet a super lightweight core with carbon stringers for extra pop. They then added the Custom Jib edge so you won''t hang up on jibs and took it one step further with the special edge dampeners to decrease rail vibration, help absorb the shock of those larger drops. Will this board make you ride the ultimate control of Lucas Magoon? Probably not... but if not it will give you what you need under your feet to push your skills to the next level!

Key Features of the Technine Lucas Magoon Pro Snowboard:
  • Flex 3
  • True Twin
  • Freestyle, Park, Jibbing
  • Length(cm): 149