178cm Line Invader Twin Tip W-Rocker Blem Skis 11x8.3x11cm


$ 199.93 $ 500.00
SKU: rski31
110mm / 178cm (As Is No Returns) / 110mm


178cm Line Invader Twin Tip W-Rocker Skis. Skis may have cosmetic flaws, nicks, scratch etc. Will not affect the performance of these blemished skis. Sold as is, final sale. Grafic may vary slightly from photo.

 Rocker/Camber/Rocker skis have the playfulness and float of a rockered ski as will as the added edge hold of a cambered ski. The contact points on skis with this profile are closer towards the middle of the ski than a fully cambered ski, but still not underfoot. The cambered midsection provides a longer effective edge on hardpack, increasing edge hold and stability, while the rockered tip and tail provide floatation in deeper snow and allow the ski to initiate and release from turns easier.