Salomon Divine 770 Women's Ski SkiingBlue Grey Boots Used $375 retail 6-8


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Salomon Divine 770 Women's Ski Skiing Boots Used $375 retail 6-8 This women's specific boot has a nice wide fit, so its definitely more geared toward the skier looking for comfort, then looking good, then finally being somewhat concerned about performance. The good thing about the Salomon Divine 770 is that the performance won't disappoint for even upper intermediate skiers. PU Shell: Poly Urethane shell (plastic) that resists stretching and is durable for long life. 104mm last: Comfort is key for skiers matching up to this last width. It is roomy and comfortable, making it the preferred choice for recreational skiers that demand comfort above all else. This is the boot type that most recreational skiers prefer. Biovent Liner: This liner is highly breathable thanks to multiple layers of foam and wicking materials. Dry feet lead to warm feet, so these liners are warmer than standard liners. 35mm strap: Wider than average strap at the top of the boot to help keep the boot together and to give good performance while skiing. Micro-adjustable alloy buckles: These alloy buckles can be moved to adjust for size, so if the default position of the buckle and the teeth is too wide or too narrow, you can move it until it fits. Tongue Pull: A loop of fabric at the top of the tongue helps in putting on and removing the boots. Pull it forward and to the side and your foot should slide right in. Replaceable Toe and Heel Pads: This is a must-have for skiers that don't live in ski in/ski out condos. When your ski tech tells you that you have to buy new boots because the soles are worn down too much, just laugh at him and tell him to order you a new set of sole plates. All photos of used skis and snowboards are a representation of our entire stock. Your skis/snowboard will be the same model, but not this EXACT skis/snowboard pictured. Nicks and scratches on the item may vary slightly, but overall condition will be the same. Sometimes even ski bindings and/or model vary slightly.