138cm Spoon Club-Pink W-Rocker Womens Snowboard Glitter Sparkle Top Coat


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Hybrid Cam Rock Rocker. For example, rocker between your feet combined with positive camber at each end of the board. Or, positive camber between your bindings and rocker outside of them. The goal here is to offer the surfy ride of rocker with the pop and edgehold provided by positive camber. Forum’s Chilly Dog, Mervin’s Banana, Burton’s V-Rocker and Ride’s Low Rize all represent examples of reverse camber technologies. Lib Tech’s C2 Banana Technology, Burton’s Flying V- Rocker, and Rome’s S-Camber are all prime examples of what happens when the camber array is melded.K2’s Flatline Technology in the Slayblade board and Capita’s Flat Kick Technology in the Horrorscope FK board (both 2010 Good Wood winners!) are examples of flat design.Rocker is a subtle concave or arcing profile that curves upward. Essentially it’s the opposite of camber. Many boards contain multiple arcs rather than a single, smooth arc—every model is a bit different—rocker is built into multiple zones and in varying degrees and all placed in critical areas of the board for an enhanced ride. Picture a mildly kinked U or V shape when the board is laid on a flat surface. Keep in mind, each brand is trying to make their technology distinct, hence the camber party. Boards featuring rocker from the bindings outward to the tips are also labeled as having flat-kick or skate-style kicks (tips)—the nose and tail being more elongated and elevated (e.g., Salomon’s RLNK—Ridiculously Long Nose Kick), allowing more float and a looser ride. Rocker and reverse camber boards are sick for powder float, presses, and a forgiving ride. The design essentially reduces pressure at the contact points by bringing it inward and closer to your feet. 145cm Spoon Club-Pink Hybrid-Cam-Rock-Rocker Womens Snowboard Deck is the future of performance snowboarding.If you want a cheap discount sale compare these to other top snow board brands like Burton, Lamar, LTD, Rome, Limited, Rome, Ride, Omatic, K2, Forum, 24/7, Palmer, Wide, Flow, M3, Millennium Three, Sapient PNB1 PNB2 PNB3, Silence, World Industries and Signal. Key Features of this high end Snowboard include: Tip to tail full 100% wood core, Wrap bevel-cap construction for maximum durability. Stainless steel 360 degree wrap around rails, Biaxial glass, Stainless snow board bindings inserts, Pro Extruded base.