Yonex ezone Lite Tennis Racket Racquet 4 1/4 100sq Used


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excellent 9 out of 10 / 4/1/2004 / ezone-lite


Yonex ezone Lite Tennis Racket Racquet 4 1/4 100sq Used Used racket with only a few minor surface scratchs. no cracks. Yonex EZONE 100 Lite combines a lighter 100 sq. in. frame with all the new technologies developed by Yonex to create a racquet with an amazing amount of power and comfort. Utilizing the new material called X-Fullerene which is inserted into the racquet along the sides of the racquet Yonex increases the energy return from the racquet by increasing the stiffness in the head giving more power to the player.The EZONE 100 Lite features a new grommet design combining a new vibration dampening material called Neofade with a deeper channel design for increased stability on offcenter hits. In typical Yonex fashion this racquet features the isometric headshape and quad power technology to give players a greatly enlarged sweetspot delivering amazing comfort and power on every shot. Recommended for the player seeking a lightweight midplus racquet with a spin friendly design and elevated power. A great racquet for a junior with solid stroke mechanics who needs a lighter frame.