Camber Vs. Rocker Explained

Traditional Camber:

For decades snowboards were manufactured solely with traditional camber design, and cambered boards are still a popular choice. When placed on a flat surface, a cambered board has an uplifted waist (midsection) while its contact points rest on the ground near its tail and nose. This area where the board arcs upward is known as camber. This provides springiness (or pop) and also gives a good edge for control. This allows for a very controlled turn especially on groomed runs. Cambered boards are popular with riders who: • enjoy going fast • frequently ride groomed slopes • prefer a responsive, stable board that can handle hard snow

Rocker or Reverse Camber: aka Flat

Rocker is a subtle concave or arcing profile that curves upward. Picture a mildly kinked U or V shape when the board is laid on a flat surface. Rocker allows for more float and a looser ride. Rocker and reverse camber boards are great for powder, presses, a forgiving ride, and quick responsive direction changes in the park. The design essentially reduces pressure at the contact points by bringing it inward and closer to your feet. Forum’s Chilly Dog, Mervin’s Banana, and Ride’s Low Rize all are examples of reverse camber technologies.

Hybrid Cam Rock Rocker:AKA W-Rocker, S Rocker, Amptek

Hybrid Cam Rock Rocker essentially provides the best of both worlds. With rocker between your feet combined with positive camber at each end of the board. Or, positive camber between your bindings and rocker outside of them. What this does is give you the advantages of a rocker board while still maintaining the stability and control of a cambered board.

Camber Rocker Combination: AKA W-Camber / Banana Camber

The Camber Rocker Combination design includes two sections of camber directly below each foot. This takes traditional camber to a whole new level of responsiveness and control. Whether weight is distributed evenly, or more to one foot this board will strongly grip the mountain. Great for high speeds on groomed runs with precision control