Normally we recommend ordering the same size boots as your street shoes. This is because boots that are too big can be just as painful as boots that are too small. When we have customers who complain about snowboarding foot trouble, 9 times out of 10 the issue is boots that are too big. This can be easily solved by using 2 pairs or big puffy snowboard socks. If your foot has too much room inside the boot every time your turn or jump your foot will slam forward into the end of your boot which can result in bruised toenails and eventually the loss of those toenails.

So how should your boots fit?

The perfect fitting boots will feel tight when you first put them on. Unlike rental boots your foot is the only foot that has ever been in this boot and it generally takes a couple days of riding before your boots mold into the shape of your foot. It is much better to be uncomfortable for those first days rather than miserable for the lifetime of your boots. Boots can be heat molded to help speed up this molding process.

So how tight should your snowboard boots feel?

When you first get your boots, put them on and lace them up tight. This will help pull your foot all the way back into the heel of the boot and give your toes more room. Standing up straight you should be able to feel the end of the boot with your toes but it shouldn’t be jammed into the front. As you squat down flexing your knees and pushing your shins into the front of your boot so that your boot actually flexes your toes should pull back ever so slightly. This squatted position should be the same position that you snowboard in. If your boots fit well even after your toes pull back you should be able to just feel the end of the boot without any pressure. Over the next couple days of riding your boots will pack out a half a size and give you the comfortable fit that you want. Some customers may choose to ride with an even tighter fit for better control. We recommend doing this if you plan on riding at least 20 or more days a year. Any less and you will be suffering more than you need to.