Things Not Covered under Warranty

We have all watched the X-Games and know how aggressive these sports are. Snowboarding, Skiing, Wakeboarding, and Skateboarding are considered to be aggressive and violent sports in nature. Often times these sports are of  very high impact and stress to the product. Now days,boards sports are involved in jumping, grinding, bonking, and sliding on rails, trees and more.This type of activity is very hard on these products and is not covered under any warranty. Below are more examples of what is not covered under any circumstances.

1. Excessive scratches and/or gouges.

This is a tell tale sign that a board was abused. Excessive scratches and/or gouges on products is the sign of an aggressive rider that is pushing there product to the limit and grinding on metal rails, rocks, boxes, stumps, curbs,others running into/over you Etc. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.


2. Board /Ski on Object Impact

This is a tell tale sign that a board was abused. When back country riding off the groomed trail you will often have gouge marks from rocks, dirt ,trees and stumps. Also riding pre or late season when there is rock exposure and very little snow coverage. The result of this impact is usually bottom/ base gouges, missing P-Tex, edge bending, or a separation of your edges away from the board. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.


3. Board on Board Impact (Head on Collision)

We have all had that beginner run into us as they were trying to get off the chair lift. There are many tip to tail collisions when getting on and off the chair lifts. The easiest way to identify this type of damage is by the contact marks that are made from someone else’s edges.When another board runs into you board/ ski it can cause serious damage to your product including: scratches, bending, denting, rolling, or the edge completely separating from the board. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.


4. Nose/Tail Dive Breaks

This is a common result when jumping and not landing on center. The nose or tail pitchforks into the snow as your landing and snaps/breaks from high impact. Boards/skis are not designed to flex this way and as result will break. This abuse is very easy to identify as breaks are usually above the bindings. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.


5. Jumping

Damage as a result of jumping is going to happen.If you like your board/skis you may want to stay away from the big kicker jumps. Todays advanced board/skis are designed tough and will not break unless under high impact landing on jumps.Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.


6. Boot / Binding Fraying

The rails on skis and snowboard are tuned to be razor sharp.Tears in boots are often when other riders run into you. Fraying of your boots/ laces and bindings is common in the industry. Especially, in snowboarding when you have to take your back foot out of the binding to get on the chair lift. Its comfortable and common for people to rest there board or skis on top of your other boot/binding. This is a great foot rest but comes with a price.This can cause fraying & ripping of the laces and tops of boots & bindings. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.

7. Loose & Lost Parts / Hardware

You have 48 hours to notify us of any lost of missing parts from your order. Inspect your items as soon as you receive your shipment. Parts, hardware, accessories that were lost or have gone missing AFTER receiving your shipment are not covered. Maintenance is important on all board/ski sports. Screws and parts will come loose over time and you are responsible for maintenance. Screws, discs, bolts, straps, and parts that are lost  because of neglect are also not covered. It is important to tighen and tune your products every time you ride. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.

8. Normal Wear & Tear

Normal wear resulting from standard usage that occurs over time. Clear coating chipping- This is the clear protect layer on top of the snowboard deck top sheet. This is NOT delamination and is common when you get a few scratches on your board/skis. Sun fading over time is also common with most products.Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage.


9. Blemished, Seconds & Used

 New items sold "AS IS" ,Blemished, Scratch and dent, Seconds. Used items are never under warranty.
All items here are sold as is, in the condition listed..Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of Item.

10. Bags / Gloves / Clothing Rips & Fraying

The rails on skis and snowboard are tuned to be razor sharp.Tears in Gloves and  Ski/Snowboard bags are common. If you slide your board/skis on your clothing, gloves or bags they will be sliced like a razor through paper. This can happen when grabbing you rails when jumping or jamming your board into you bag to quickly. Its always best to wrap your rails with a towel before sliding into the protective bag.  Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage. 



Steps for Processing Warranties


All of the items carried by Winter-Warehouse are backed by a one hundred day manufacturer warranty,from the date of invoice receipt. If you are unsure if your item is still under warranty email us at

Step 1. Determine whether your order is within the one hundred day (new items only) time window from date of invoice receipt

Step 2. Determine whether the damage should be covered by warranty. (See Whats not covered Section)

Step 3. Email about your warranty and include CLEAR and detailed PICTURES explaining the problem. Blurry pictures will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call. We want to see you back out on your product as much as you want to use it and try to get you a response within 48 hours of receiving the product. 

Step 4. We will contact you with further instruction.

The next step varies by manufacturer and we will provide you with all the details for the next step. If your warranty claim is accepted you will have to ship your product back to us so that we can confirm the warranty with the manufacturer. Return shipping on warranty claims is the responsibility of the buyer. The manufacturer or Winter-Warehouse will cover new shipping charges on all items , if approved, replaced or repaired under warranty.

Let us know if you are in a rush and would like to pay extra for express shipping on your warranty return.