140cm Joyride Clown Camber Womens Blem Snowboard, Build a Package with Boots and Bindings.


$ 149.99 $ 400.00
Size:  140cm


The JoyRide Clown Suit Rocker Girls Snowboard is a great entry-level board so your little girl can become one of your life long snowboarding partners. It has a soft flex and a rocker profile so she can continue learning on a fun and forgiving board. She will soon become a great carving into the mountain and floating on powder. She will gain the confidence to try out new maneuvers while perfecting the rest. She will love having a new and cool board to call her own and this will allow you to get to the mountain quicker instead of stopping for a rental board that she needs to get used to. A great value for a new entry-level board, your little girl will love the JoyRide Clown Suit Rocker Snowboard. Board has minor UV Coat Blem, this Blem WILL NOT AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE OF THE BOARD.

Snowboard Best Use: All-Mountain
Rocker Profile: Rocker
Flex: Soft
Board Width: Regular
Core Material: Wood
Construction Type: Cap Construction
Hole Pattern: Standard 4 Hole
Skill Range: Beginner - Intermediate