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$600 Omatic Extr-Eco Snowboard

The O-Matic Extr-Eco Snowboard became a collector's item The Extr-Eco is a great freestyle all-mountain board that's easy to progess on and holds it's own in the rough conditions.

Kumbaya brothers and sisters - it is now officially cool to care about our planet. And already, we’re so environmental it’s making us sick - we’re totally turning green over here. With that in mind we’ve collaborated with the corporate worlds favourite eco bandwagoners, Ecorpo™ to bring you the Extr-Eco. We’re still poisoning the atmosphere by rooping through the backcountry on 900cc snowmobiles, sometimes even helicopters, so we had to do our part elsewhere. We’re hip to green manufacturing practices, so we reduced the impact of our boards by making them with elfin magic. This unique production process means that the only environment put in jeopardy by Omatic, is the one in the land of make believe. That’s something we can all feel good about. The new EXTR-ECO features our cruelty-free Vertwall™ sidewall technology for peaceful, powerful turns. The combination of a recycleable Inteligentcore™, optional B.S. base tech and a certified organic triaxial fiberglass matrix give this new stick more pop than a turbo Hybrid Hummer.