$ 289.95 USD

All Mountain Style Snowboard and Bindings

Snowboard: Hybrid Rocker Profile / Twin Directional Shape

This is a user-friendly Package designed to tackle all terrains. The board satisfies a range of skill levels. Beginners will love the rig - It is super smooth and buttery. They can enjoy the full snowboarding experience without being overly concerned about catching an edge. The Hybrid rocker profile is great for learning how to carve with confidence and makes hitting small jumps seem effortless. The intermediate to advanced rider will love to thrash around the mountain on this rig.

STAUBER Dyna Snowboard Bindings Large fits 7-12


Our STAUBER Dyna Snowboard Bindings are meant to be adjusted to accommodate your specific boot size. These Bindings are made to flex under tension while remaining rigid to your snowboard and boots. They are rated a medium flex and pair well with a "firm" type boot. As a new or avid snowboarder you will really enjoy the handling properties they afford when under riding resistance. This rig is a great way to gain confidence as a snowboarder and will aid in the development of your skills

  • Style: All terrain
  • Adjustability: Highback Angle, Straps position, and base plate position
  • Medium Flex Rating: 8
  • Components: Durable injection molded polyurethane, aluminum alloy buckle mechanism.