$ 119.99 USD

24/7 Autobahn Brown Blem Snowboard Boots Mens 9


Hey! Intermediates! Yes, you... over there! We need to let you in on a little secret, are you ready? This is the boot that was made for YOU! The foam liner will mold to your feet and support your ankle by wrapping around your lower leg and is secured by a Velcro strap that goes all the way around. There is also a little stretchy section at the top of the boot, behind your calf, that adds a lot of comfort by getting rid of the pressure point that can form there. You really can't get much better than this. Boot has minor cosmetic Flaw, this flaw will not affect the performance of the boots. Sold as is.

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Wrap Liner:The liner is almost like a neoprene material, and when the boot is laced up, it gives a little more support and greater comfort to the rider. Laces are not needed with this liner, as the friction from the overlap adds enough support.

Removable Liner:This boot comes with a removable liner. Removable liners have the advantage of being easier to dry than non removable liners, and the disadvantage of usually being a little larger than a non removable linered boot of the same size.

Integrated Heel Counter:A fancy name for a piece of plastic in the heel that gives extra support.

Low Profile Outsole:This boot allows the foot to sit closer to the binding and board for better feel and control of the board. There is still some shock absorption in there, so its still comfortable.

PVC/EVA shell/tongue material: This scientific blend (PVC and EVA are both abbreviations of longer chemical names) offers more durability and comfort than other, uh, less scientific materials.

PVC Upper:The upper of this boot is a flexible PVC plastic, that feels about like a stiff leather. This material is highly waterproof and resists abuse well.

Soft Touch Laces:Softer material used so your hands and fingers don't get torn up while tightening the laces.

Steel Hardware:The eyelets and other critical parts of the lacing system are made of steel for increased wear.