70cm Eco Mist Jr. Blem Skis, Ski Blades, Ski Board.


$ 64.95 $ 200.00
SKU: ec96
90mm / 65mm / 75mm


Eco Jr Skis have VERY MINOR COSMETIC FLAWS,this FLAWS WILL NOT AFFECT the performance of the skis.

Eco Jr Skis Feature construction with a composite fiberglass core there is plenty of durability to help maintain a quality pair of skis that the young ones can feel confident on. The construction of these skis makes for a greater ease-of-use as well as progressive, size-appropriate flexes. The Eco Skis are designed to help junior skiers get a solid hold on the basics and encourage them to embrace this awesome winter sport and the excel to higher skill level.                                              INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED