$ 64.95 USD

$300 BRAND NEW Eco Jr Skis may have VERY MINOR COSMETIC FLAWS,this FLAWS WILL NOT AFFECT the performance of the skis. 

Eco Jr Skis Feature construction with a composite fiberglass core there is plenty of durability to help maintain a quality pair of skis that the young ones can feel confident on. The construction of these skis makes for a greater ease-of-use as well as progressive, size-appropriate flexes. The Eco Skis are designed to help junior skiers get a solid hold on the basics and encourage them to embrace this awesome winter sport and the excel to higher skill level.  Ski grafic may differ slightly as each one is unique. These skis are made out of the K2 line factory and are made from extra topsheet material. This is why they are unique and may vary slightly from photo.  Base color will be either yellow,orange or grey color. 

                           INSTALLATION NOT INCLUDED