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Babolat Propulse 3 Mens Size 6 Tennis Shoes White/Silver/Grey Andy Roddick BABOLAT PROPULSE 3 MENS TENNIS SHOES RED/WHITE/GREY 30S1172 ANDY RODDICK A concentrated dose of high-tech power for players looking for unmatched performance. More technologies for one of the most dynamic and durable shoes on the market. Endorsed and worn by Andy Roddick. Babolat Propulse 3 Tennis Shoes Specs - lateral relaunch and velocity thanks to Exact Pro System - Incredible grip and durability thanks to Micheline OCS sole - long lasting heel cushioning and comfort with Kompressor System - Three-point foot support and customized fit thanks to Foot Belt technology - durability and softness on the upper thanks to Cell Shield material - EVA insole board for improved comfort - Out of the box comfort: no break-in required Lateral or diagonal propulsion recovery with every step. Improves faster footwork, reaction time, and tighter/precise footwork. Outsoles designed to give players the ultimate performance over a longer period. The tread patterns offer optimized traction and ground contact on any surface. Incredible grip and durability because of the Michelin OCS technology. Exclusive to the Propulse series. Long lasting heel cushion and comfort with the Kompressor system. Exclusive to the Propulse series. Three-point foot support and customized fit due to the Foot Belt Technology.

Note- White plastic on shoes may have and off white or creme tone.see pics.