$ 14.99 USD

Aluminum Traction for all your lift exiting needs. Features: * 2x2"-each * 2 per pack * 3m adhesive backing * Aircraft aluminum * Burton Logo says ,Usually a stomp pad is placed between the feet near the back binding. Their original purpose was to give traction to the back (unbuckled) foot while exiting the chairlift. While this is still the case they are also a decorative add on. Application tips: * Make sure the board surface is clean, dry and at room temp. * Board surface can be cleaned w/ rubbing alcohol or any substance that will NOT leave a residue behind. * Peel off the backing and press the pads in to place. * Rub around the design with some medium pressure to push out the air bubbles. * Allow the adhesive to cure overnight. * Exposure to cold too soon can cause the pad to come unstuck. * Stomp pads are not designed to be re-applied after removed.compair to dakine gnu lib tech forum stomp ride k2.