$ 119.99 USD

Burton Hail Black Used Snowboard Boots Mens 8.

Burton Hail Snowboard Boots 2009: A high-grade hucker loaded with all the trimmings, the Burton Hail Boots are the unofficial pro-model of toilet scrubbing, dishwashing shredders worldwide. Built to let you lap the park ‘til your legs fall off, the Burton Hail features shockproof air cushioning, and Burton’s new Flex2 liner for a ride that’s just as soft and buttery as the shell. The new Flex Spine 2.0 Backstay begs to be boned-out and the new Supercuff keeps those heels locked and loaded for the Gnar-B-Q.

 This a Brand New boot, it may have some minor cosmetic flaws such as small scuff marks.