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Burton Snowboard Boots And Step-In Bindings Kids Used NAVY Youth-4.                NOTE: BINDINGS WILL VARY IN COLOR DEPENDING ON SIZE, COMPATIBILITY AND AVAILABILITY. These bindings come in several different colors. The colors are generally blue, black or gray for the hard plastic components. And blue, black, yellow or gray for the soft foam pads which are not seen while riding. NOTE:THIS IS A RENTAL STYLE STEP-IN BOOT AND BINDING SET These boots and bindings were rentals and have been used. Signs of wear can include but are not limited to: scracthes, dents, chips, dirt, minor tears, oxidation, discoloration, fading, markings (either pen, sticker or paint). HAS AN ANGLE ADJUSTER IN BACK FROM 12-24 DEGREES HAS THE 3 HOLE BURTON SYSTEM OR 4 HOLE, Comes complete with parts. Soft SI Binding Rider-driven from day one of development (several years ago). We weren't going to do it until we could do it right for the top riders. We didn't add a convenience, we added a performance level we call SoftControl. Dual side-engagement makes true soft boot/binding feel a reality. Adjustable heelcup gets your heel all the way back into the heelcup. Super-light, power transmitting SI Skyback, full-featured with a forward lean and try level rotation . Nothing underfoot: just the familiar disk and baseplate for true soft boot/binding feel. Automatic locking lever for positive retention and "you're in there" engagement indicator. In this Package you will get 1 compatible set of Burton Step-In SI snowboard boots and 1 set of Burton Step-In SI snowboard Bindings.