$ 14.99 USD

Use this versatile webed-glove for any water activity that requires a little extra push. Great for body boarding, swimming, surfing, and even as an emergency hand paddle for kayaking. The X-Span Super Lycra stretch top panel for versatile fit allows 2 sizes to fit all hands. The mesh skin neoprene palm for max grip will allow you to paddle water, yet grip your board with ease when you need to hang on. Don't worry about swimming or paddling too fast in fear of losing a glove, the adjustable wrist cinch gives a secure NO lose fit.

Hyperflex Webbed - Paddle Glove for Water Sports Features

  • Hyperflex Webbed - Paddle Glove
  •  X-Span Super Stretch Top Panel for Versatile Fit
  • Mesh Skin Neoprene Palm for Maximum Grip
  • Adjustable Wrist Cinch
  • Versatile Glove for Any Water Activity
  • Great for:
    Body Boarding
    Emergency Hand Paddle for Kayak
          Color: Black