Hyperlite Eden Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings Womens Mini 4.5-8.5.


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Eden(final sale) / Mini(4.5-8.5) / Open Toe


Hyperlite Eden Open Toe Wakeboard Bindings Womens Mini 4.5-8.5.

$300 Retail

Hyperlite s new Eden boot has some of the same features as the Noise boot – but with a softer, more compliant fit and a styling unlike any boot out there. A medium flex performer mixed with fashion to match the air of Hyperlite s two-board Eden series.

The Claw – Several seasons ago Hyperlite introduced a new way of attaching a boot to a board allowing a rider to maintain a stance and moving closer to the heelside or toeside of the rail. Still the simplest, strongest, lightest way of changing from +24 degrees to – 24 degrees and every degree in between.

New More Orthotic Footpad – Built-in gas and brake with a softer feel. Heel bruises have been replaced by less weight and riders throwing the sign with their thumb and index finger out.

New Narrower Heel Hardware – Improved heel pocket and a more secure hold down with our trademarked “Bumps” on every model.

Quick Cinch Front Lace, Flex Zone - The cut of our overlay is planned to flex where a rider does, Directional Lycra Inner Toe/Heel, EVA Heel, EVA Toe, Women’s Fit

Comes with hardware/screws but we cant guarantee fit with your board/model/year.Hardware is thrown in as an added bonus. Please do research before ordering. NOS Brand new bindings may have minor cosmetic flaw. Sold as is, final sale. No returns

New Rear Flex Zone
New Softer Molded EVA Heel
Adjustable Floating Molded EVA Toe
Quick Cinch Lace Zone
Single Density Footbed