$ 199.99 USD

Hyperlite Parks Bonifay Pro Wakeboard Bindings Boots 

Fits most Mens 3-5.5 or Women 3-6.5 or kids 3-5
The most mobility in any of Hyperlite s signature boots relying more on the lace design and less on the overlay, blending support and more side-to-side mobility in one. The Hyperlite Parks Boot has all of the locked-down feel you will need for a cab 900 off the double-up, with the freedom required for a smooth, poked out frontside indy. New stainless steel eyelets make for an easy transitioned adjustment. A rider can remove the bottom guide, cinch it as tight as they want and instantly lock it back into place for a one-time modification. This eliminates half the work as a rider can now just use the rear top lace guides to get in and out of the Hyperlite Parks Boot.
Snake Skin Inner Liner- This inner liner is slicker than neoprene when the boot is dry - tackier than neoprene when the boot is wet

New More Orthotic Footpad – Built-in gas and brake with a softer feel. Heel bruises have been replaced by less weight and riders throwing the sign with their thumb and index finger out.

The Claw – Allows a rider to maintain a stance and move closer to the heelside or toeside of the rail. Still the simplest, strongest, lightest way of changing from +24 degrees to – 24 degrees and every degree in between.

Quick Cinch Side/Rear Lace, Sock Construction- Closed Hardware - The fine tuning comes from the Boa system, quick cinch, option 2, inner sock, etc. Gone are the days of disassembling the boot and reattaching the overlays in a new setting to adjust to your size.
Comes with hardware/screws but we cant guarantee fit with your board/model/year.Hardware is thrown in as an added bonus. Please do research before ordering. NOS Brand new bindings may have minor cosmetic flaw. Sold as is, final sale