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Livin Proof Snowboard Video Finger On Da Trigger has done it again with their third release, LIVIN’ PROOF. This video is a “must see” if you want to witness the most talented new Ams tearing up the city streets and new backcountry spots.Comes in Dvd format andd even vhs, for you old school kats. Where else are you gonna see pro riders like Mark Frank Montoya, Nico Droz, Ali Goulet, Gaetan Chanut, Darrell Math and Justin Hebbell showcasing their smooth styles and stomping tactics? Jumps were shot in Salt Lake City, UT, Tahoe, CA, Whistler, B.C., Mt. Hood, Colorado Backcountry. Rails were shot all over the East Coast and Portland. Highlights include: Rail trips to secret spots on the East coast including New York and Baltimore. see video living proof trailer at link below.. http://www.freeride.se/video/3222/