$ 239.95 USD

151cm Technine Camrock Rasta Blank W-Rocker Snowboard

Description: Technine Camrock Snowboard

The Technine Camrock Snowboard is the board to have. Whether you're a beginner snowboarder, or if you''re a seasoned professional who gets his shred on every year, the Camrock is the board you need. A centered soft to medium flex allows a great versatility for easing your way down any mountain, with the advantages of camber to ace your ollies and to seriously put some oomph into your turns. The Technine's dampening system also ensures your ride is like coasting on butter, with no rattling at all. If you're looking for a board that you can take to the snow today, look no further than the Technine Camrock!

Key Features of the Technine Cam Rock Snowboard:
  • Board Type: Twin
  • Riding Type: All Mountain
  • Flex: Centered soft to medium flex
  • Rates 4 on flex scale
  • Camber: HYBRID Camber between the feet with rocker nose and tail
  • Sidecut Info: Radial
  • Core Info: Dual Tech Core
  • Fiberglass: Bi-axial weave
  • Base: Extruded IS 4400 with Die Cut
  • Ultra Adhesion Epoxy