$ 99.95 USD

Northwave Decade Lace Snowboard Boots Brown Mens 7

The Northwave Decade Snowboard Boots are the perfect pair of boots for aggressive riders looking to charge down anything on the mountain. The Double Crossbow Sole and Heel Bumper dampen out vibrations when you are sending it huge or speeding along in harsh terrain. The TF3 Liner has a malleable fit that can be thermo formed for a customized fit. The 540-Degree Heel Retention System cinches tight to keep you locked down and to transfer energy to your board. The Super Lacing System stays tight all day for a performance-oriented fit that is comfortable. If you like to ride fast and aggressive, the Northwave Decade Boots are for you.


  • 540-Degree Heel Retention System
  • Double Crossbow Sole
  • Heel Bumper
  • Flex Window
  • Flex Rating: 7/10