Northwave Freedom Snowboard Boots Black Blue, Women 6 (Kids3.5)


$ 79.95 $ 300.00
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Black/Blue / Freedom / Women 6(kids3.5)


Northwave Freedom Snowboard Boots Black Blue, Women 6 (Kids3.5)

The Northwave Freedom snowboard boot will get you out of those nasty rental boots and start your riding career off on the right foot. Even if you’ve only ridden a few times, you’ve probably figured out that the most important piece of gear when you’re on the hill is your footwear. If your boots fit poorly, get wet, or are too soft or stiff, your day is ruined. The Northwave Freedom will help you nail that heelside turn with removable lacing liners, waterproof uppers, a cushy sole, and high quality materials that won’t break down on you. The Freedom is easy to get in and out of, and will last you until you’re ready to attack the park or explore the steeps.

Bi-Layer Upper w/3S Web System

3D Molded Tongue

Injected IHS (Integrated Highback Support)

360 Heel Hold Down

Metal Lace Hooks