$ 29.99 USD

Note - Picture is example. Look will change when you select different lense color.

Looking for a goggle that will give you great vision for a low price? The Mia might be what you're looking for and you can say goodbye to being frustrated with foggy goggles. The Mia has some of the same high-end technology that you will find on the nicest goggles Scott makes, with a lower-end price. Lots of this technology is designed to cut down on fogging, for Scott knows how annoying it can be. The goggles use Scott's TruView double lens for great clarity and to decrease fogging. The Truview lense is made with extruded and thermoformed sheets of cellulose to give you amazing clarity and protection from the sun. Having proper protection from the sun is super important for lots of light reflects off the snow and can be very harmful to your eyes. The lenses are also treated with NoFog which is Scott's anti fog treatment that helps wick moisture away. The goggles also feature Scott's Air Control System (ACS) which makes for a more comfortable experience. The frame rim has been optimized to fit with a variety of helmets. On the back of the frame are two layers of face foam to keep your face warm and dry in all conditions. Around back is a No-Slip silicone strap to help keep your goggles on your helmet.

  • Single-layer face foam
  • Optimized helmet compatibility
  • No-slip silicon strap
  • SCOTT TruView double lens
  • Nofog Anti-Fog lens treatment
  • Air Control System (ACS)