Symbolic Flow-Ride Snowboard Bindings 2023 Black 4x4,EST,3D Burton Men M L XL


$ 89.99 $ 150.00
SKU: symbbindingmenblacklxl


The Symbolic Custom Black White Bindings. These Symbolic Mens snowboard bindings are the ultimate binding for all riders. These bindings are super stylish with a White on black color rocker graphic scheme. Two Quick Ratchet style adjustable straps work to keep your feet secure and in place while the strap padding is designed to distribute boot pressure evenly to eliminate pressure points. Quick pull ratchets make unstrapping a breeze and a specially designed toe ramp helps eliminate toe drag. COLOR: Black-White CONDITION: Brand NEW, First Quality, and Fully Warrantied. Complete with burton compatible disks and hardware screws for mounting . FEATURES: - Quick Ratchet Style Adjustable Straps - Thick Padded Straps(see pics) - Toe Wing Eliminates Toe Drag - - Quick Pull Release - Shock Absorbing Toe & Sole Padding -Adjustment may be needed for perfect fit. - Discs work for 4x2,4x4, and EST,3D Burton snowboards design.