$ 299.95 USD

The Symbolic Freedom uses ABS sidewall construction which gives the board good edge hold on hard pack while the Flexrite wood core gives it good response and keep the vibration low.

The 4400 extruded base is durable and the hybrid or rocker profile makes the board easy to turn. This board will easily allow you to go in either direction.

The high gloss finish with a matte print overlay allows the graphics to be rich looking while keeping away scratches. Black blank base/bottom.

Stainless Steel Inserts and Rail Edges.

Comes in Kids 90cm 100cm 110cm 120cm 130cm 139cm

Comes in Adult size 140cm 145cm 150cm 155cm

Comes in Big Man Wide Big Foot size 160cm 163cm WIDE


160cm Wide -tip/tail width 314.00mm/
​waist width 268.50mm(26.8 cm)

163cm Wide -tip/tail width 316mm/
​waist width 270mm(27cm)

168cm / 170cm Standard tip/tail width 318.00mm/
​waist width 273.50mm

Note 90-140cm comes in Rocker Profile and 145-170cm comes in Hybrid Rocker (camrock-w-rocker)