$ 199.96 USD

  The Inferno Blaze is a very wide and cushy boot in both the forefoot and cuff. The Velvet lined liner adds some warmth to keep your feet and toes cozy. The Inferno Blaze features a low 98mm volume and 110 flex boot that features a shock absorbing boot board and rear spoiler to soften landings. The Inferno Blaze also features the Quick Instep that makes getting a low volume boot easy to get on and off. Boots have minor cosmetic flaw this flaw will not affect the performance of the boot, sold as is final sale.

Product Details


Carbon Steel Buckles

Plastic shell


Fur Fleece Lining

Additional Features

Shock absorbing boot board and rear spoiler offer relief when landing on ice and flat spots.

3 Position Catches can be easily moved to fit varying leg shapes. The positioning catches have a range of 44mm: 22mm forward and 22mm back.

Flex and Fit

Med Flex

The Quick Instep system offers those seeking a low volume performance shell, the opportunity to experience the performance without suffering the pain of entry and exit. A softer piece of plastic is co-molded in the instep area allowing the foot to slide in and out with ease.

The Cuff Alignment system allows the cuff to follow the shape of the lower leg increasing comfort and enhancing performance. Dual cuff alignment (inside and outside devices) increase the effectiveness.

The Flex Adjustment can be used by removing 1 or 2 of the rivets found on the spine of the boot. Remove the rivets one at a time until your preferred flex is reached.